Shipping Weekly from US and UK to Kenya

Brought to you by Intersphere Media, Peer Cargo is a shopping and shipping service that allows residents in Kenya to easily get goods from online stores in the US and the UK to Kenya using Air Freight.

Simply get your US & UK delivery address by creating an account then begin shopping!

You can instantly get a quotation with the Shipping Fee Calculator.

When your goods are ready, you will need to visit our office in Westlands to collect your goods, or opt to have the goods delivered at your door-step. We can deliver nation-wide. We also have no minimum weight requirements! This means that if your order is e.g. 0.10 kg, you will pay for the exact weight.

Easy shopping!


What sets us apart is how affordable we are. We offer the cheapest fees, and have a fee structure to cater for low-valued orders, allowing you to get low-valued goods without you having to pay ridiculous amounts - something that no other shipping company offers.


Simply create an account, and you'll receive your shipping address and client code. Use that address when filling the delivery address in online stores. If you'd like to receive goods from friends and family, you can give them the same address.


Goods are dispatched from the US / UK weekly and it takes about 10 days from the US, and 7 days from the UK. We can do doorstep deliveries in Nairobi as well as in all the other counties.

Why import? Besides certain goods not being available in Kenya, the other main reason to import is to save costs. There are plenty of goods that can purchased cheaper if imported, than if purchased locally.

How to save or get the best possible deal

Search for the item from various suppliers, don't just buy from the first shop that you find it at. You can also look for the items from the both countries - US and UK. Lookout for sales by subscribing to newsletters.

Also keep in mind that goods from the US are generally cheaper than goods from the UK, but the weight fees for goods from the US are almost twice the weight fees of goods from the UK.

To find the better deal, find your item from both the US and the UK, then generate an instant quotation with the shipping fee calculator. Generally, if the item is heavy, it's cheaper to get it from the UK, if it's not heavy, get it from the US.

What is Actual vs Volumetric Weight?

It is important that you understand the difference between actual weight and volumetric weight, and when they are used.

Actual weight is the weight of your goods as it reads on the scale, while volumetric weight is weight based on the volume (space) that your goods take.

To get the volumetric weight, multiply the Length x Width x Height (cm), then divide the answer by 6,000.

The weight bill will be based on either the actual weight or the volumetric weight, whichever is greater.

Why? An aircraft can transport very light goods that take-up lots of space, or very dense and heavy goods such as iron, which will quickly cause the aircraft the reach the maximum takeoff weight, without fully utilizing all the space in the aircraft.

In the first case when an aircraft is transporting lightweight goods that take up lots of space, the aircraft will not be profitable if they charge based on actual weight, that because the goods will be very light, yet taking up lots or all the space. The aircraft will have to know what their space is worth, so that when volumetric weight is greater than the actual weight, they will bill based on volumetric weight, thus allowing them to meet their operational costs, and be profitable.

In the second case, when an aircraft is transporting dense and heavy items, the aircraft will reach its maximum takeoff weight without all the space in the aircraft being utilized. In that case, the airlines will not be profitable if they bill based on the volume because heavy dense goods will use up less space. In order for the airlines to meet their operational costs and be profitable, they will need to know what their maximum takeoff weight is worth, then bill based on actual weight, when actual weight of the cargo is greater than the volumetric weight.

Shipping Fee Calculator

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How to order goods

A) Before you can place an order, you'll need to create an account.

B) Once you've created your account, you will receive your shipping address and client code. Use the address that you will receive in the shipping address.

C) Remember to always include your client code in the address.

D) After making your purchase, please forward all the invoices to orders (@)

How to pay

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Paying Via M-PESA
Go to "Lipa na M-PESA", then select "Pay Bill".
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Business Hours: 8:30 AM and 5 PM Working Days Only.

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Shipping Times - The standard times are about 10 days from the US, and about 5 -7 days from the UK. These times are not guaranteed, they are the times that will be fulfilled if there are no delays. Sometimes there could be delays that could be caused by various factors that are outside of our control. E.g. when the scheduled plane's cargo space is filled with passenger luggage, leaving behind little or no space for commercial cargo. In the case of a delay, we kindly request that you be patient as we work with our logistical partners to have your shipment ready.

Billing - For each consignment, there will be a service fee, a weight fee, and a delivery fee. In special occasions there might be a packaging fee.

Actual Weight vs Volumetric Weight - The quotation will be based on the actual weight fee, should we get charged based on volumetric weight, you will need to pay the volumetric weight fee. Volumetric weight is weight based on the dimensions. Volumetric weight will be selected over actual weight if the volumetric weight is greater than the actual weight. Note that shipments from the US are more likely to be based on volumetric weight than shipments from Dubai. E.g. a big flat screen TV from the US will be charged volumetric weight, but if the same was ordered from Dubai, you will pay actual weight.

Returns for Replacement - In the unfortunate incidence where you get the wrong item, or you are unsatisfied with an item, or if you receive a DOA, the item can be returned - if you are compliant with the terms of return with the seller. E.g. if it is the wrong item, some sellers do not want you to have opened the package. Other sellers need returns within 30 days, while other sellers do not accept returns. Therefore, before purchasing an item, it's highly recommended that you buy from sellers who accept returns. Note that you will need to pay the full costs involved in sending the return item from Kenya, as well as the shipping fees when receiving the replacement.

Refunds from Sellers - Refunds can take place after an order has been cancelled, or if a payment was declined after the reservation was taken, or if an item was returned. This refund process takes several days, depending on various factors.

Customer Support Availability - We can provide sales and customer support between 8:30 AM and 5 PM, working days, excluding weekends and public holidays.

Customer Support Channels - WhatsApp, Email and Phone are the channels that are available, preferably WhatsApp.

Checking shipment Status - We will contact you when your shipment is ready. We also recommend that you contact us to check for your shipment status once a week - just incase we are unable to reach you.